I am getting ready to put up some sketches soon. After a year on sabbatical, I am indeed itching to paint. I really enjoyed the combination of woodwork and painting of my last piece, and intend to expand on this idea in my new work.

Details are still tentative, but I have been thinking much on the concept of three days lately and want top explore it further. Three days are the difference between Jesus as Teacher and Jesus as Christ. If he had not risen in three days, he would have not have defeated death, and thus defeated sin.

Hope and Patience

Here is the completed work, "Hope and Patience." Please forgive me, but this work has been completed for some time now.

My time has been divided between family, school, and work, leaving little extra for art. Fortunately, much of this has been reduced to a steady stream, so I am hoping to have more time to commit to creating art.

Oddly enough, art is the one thing that offers me some peace when time is tight. This work is no exception.

I hope you enjoy it.

Lighten up

I decided what was bothering me about the work. The background for the final panel was too dark, and as a result it didn't seem to fit in with the remaining three. I went back and lightened the sky starting with the bottom left corner. Much better...

I also added a light green glaze to the panels. The result is satisfactory, so I will likely continue to add some light washed to contrast the red in the monochromatic areas.

So what now?

I am feeling a little lost as I work to complete this work. The panels could be unified with some light glazing, but may look better using different colors on each. We will see...

A little life

One by one, the leaves are in. As I look at this panel by itself, it seems a little bland. Perhaps it is because I have been looking at the blank branches so long; I was hoping for something more exciting.

Fortunately, I am not finished yet. I need to think some more on this panel while I look to complete the entire work.

Back to work

Now that classes are back under control, I had the opportunity to get some painting done. Here are the beginnings of the fourth panel.

Although it is only twigs and sky at the moment, the leaves will come in soon. The color should provide a nice contrast to the monochromatic panels that surround it.

It is nice to be back.

Only 24

A month has gone by without the opportunity to paint. The painting itself sits in the corner of my living room, waiting for me to return. Soon.

As work and school require more and more time, I have a choice between painting and family. My lonely painting is a pleasant reminder of my choice. When things temper down some, I will get back to work.

Window: adding branches

I added in darkened branches to create some interesting movement in the monochromatic panels. My hope is to provide texture without distracting from the final panel.

I am still debating on the color palette for the final section. I want some color to add focus, but too much may ruin the work. Perhaps subtle is best.

Window: test run

After working a little more on the monochromatic panels, I gave the work a test-run in the window frame to see how the composition is coming together:

Although I initially intended the panels to be simplistic in form, I may add some darker branches to add interest. The addition should help build greater contrast with the final full-color panel.

Window: building the ground

A little more work on the piece:

It is progressing nicely for the amount of time I have to devote to painting right now. Sometimes I am embarrassed by the slow nature of my painting, but find myself pleasantly reminded of the gift provided me to paint at all. Combining family, work and school can prevent much of the non-essentials from occurring at all.

Thankfully, I am blessed with small moments to enjoy creating visual worship to my Lord.